About Us


Since its inception in 1984, Ken Craft Inc. was dedicated to unique and innovative designs, as well as excellent customer service. 30 years later, we have flourished to become one of the major manufacturers, importers, and wholesalers of sterling silver jewelry that exemplify the inherent principles of beauty, elegance, and style. We maintain the dedication to customer service that was and still is the foundation of our continuous growth and excellence. We are passionate about working with our customers to enhance their jewelry offerings. Our innovative and forward thinking, combined with deep knowledge of the industry, allows us to understand your needs and surpass your expectations. At Ken Craft, we combine a dedication to excellent customer service; a creative, innovative, and visionary approach to design; and a relentless passion to enrich our clients’ request.

KenCraft Brands

For over 30 years Ken Craft has been committed to serving the various retail markets such as TV Shopping Networks, department stores, specialty stores, cruise lines and jewelry stores in domestic and overseas markets. Our goal is to become your number one jewelry supplier. We plan to achieve this by offering an unparallel selection of high quality merchandise at low cost.

Ken Craft prides itself in creating fashion forward products, giving its customers a competitive edge in the market place. Many of Ken Craft’s original pieces are designed in the Ken Craft Studios and produced in our factories to offer high quality jewelry at lowest possible cost. Our inventory levels make it possible to ship orders within 48 hours. We at Ken Craft strive to serve your needs and look forward to answering any questions you may have.